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About Us

Bow Hunters Haven is a division of Mudcreek Enterprises LLC.  A family business developed out of our long love of being outdoors,,we knew this would be an endeavor we could take pride in.  Since we are internet based and not having the high operating cost of brick and morter stores, this allows us to provide our customers with quality products at the lowest possiable cost.  We strive for a level of service that will ensure that our customers are happy today and return to shop again tomorrow.  That return business will only be built once we have earned your trust. Our mission is to give our customers quality products and service with pride.


BowHuntersHaven can not keep up with the changes and definitions of all city, county and state restrictions for the products that we carry.   We do not warrant that you may legally purchase, resell, own, or use all of the products offered by BowHuntersHaven. Several cities, counties and states prohibit certain products. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to insure your compliance with all laws regarding any products you purchase. Products of issue include, but are not limited to Archery Equipment, Knives.

When you place an order with BowHuntersHaven for products that may have restrictions, you warrant to us that you are a legal adult without legal restrictions and are in compliance with all local city, county, state and federal laws. CHECK YOUR STATE AND LOCAL REGULATIONS TO ENSURE YOU ARE IN COMPLIANCE BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDERS.

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